I went out for my usual Sundaymorning breakfast with my son Jonathan. Then he drove home, I stayed in West Kirbyand went to the gym!!!! I did half an hour on treadmill, can only do a slow speed (2mph) but increased the incline to 5% (level 10).

Slow but steady and was happy that today my lower legs did not hurt. Then I tried a few more weights machines doing 3 sets of 15 reps on each.

Then I went to a local cafe with my book, sat in the sunshine and half read half people watched. Bought myself some spritz summery flowery sprays (I now smell summery!) and a new lipstick. Hubby came for me and I must admit I then was a bit lazy and dozed on the couch!!!!

I’ve just bid and won a new black swimming costume on Ebay (with tummy control). I do currently look like a large rounded potato on skinnt legs! Plus my belly is almost bigger than my boobs! Not a good look! 

Am going to Slimming World to get weighed in morning. Have I been good? Well half n half really. For my heing of 4 ft 11 inches I am too overweight at 12 st 8 lbs or 176 lbs. 

As you can see I have a ‘dent’ in my tummy from 43 years if insulin injections. I am now on an insulin pump (since last September) and I love it, its waterproof so ok for swimming! 

Here’s a pic of my cannula that I have to change every 3 days. 

Also old news, I got a new tattoo several weeks ago

Here it is! 

Time for a cuppa tea! 

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