Soooo long

Have not posted in ages. 

Now weight 12 st 8 lbs. joined slimming world, lost 1 lb so far, omg is that all! 

Joined our local leisure centres scheme. Been going to the swimming pool 3 times a week and the gym twice a week.

My long time dieting buddy/friend Judith joined Slimming World again too. 

4 thoughts on “Soooo long

  1. Really pleased you posted Cathy, I’ve been wondering how you are doing. Keep at it! I’m still managing to lose weight, down to just over 14 stone now with a target of 11. I’m keeping to the Slimming World diet but not actually going to classes. Please post again soon! xx

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  2. I’m finding Slimming World VERY frustrating this year. I’ve done well so far, having lost over 5 st at my best but since then I’m up and down the same 4-5lbs as I’ve been struggling with since new year. But I’m sticking with it. This is so far the toughest year of my life (We’ve just lost my mum with no warning) but for once, I feel like I’m still in control with SW. As long as I stay stable-ish and it’s not going back on at tough times, then I feel like I’m learning still and actually winning rather than giving up and retracing old steps. x


    • You’ve done really well Becky, the change in you is just amazing! I’ve had to ban all sweet stuff from the house, my kids are grown up now so I don’t have little ones to buy for but not having quick access to cakes, choc etc has helped.

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