There should be a start🙎

There should be a start point to me getting healthier/slimmer. I should be able to say “this is it, no more eating rubbish, no more taking naps and just sitting on the couch”.

Unless I want to be this heavy, this unfit, this unwell in 5 or 10 years time, I need to make a start, change things. 

I have so many aches and pains. I’m so unhappy with how I look. When I feel dreadfully unhappy with how I look and feel I let other things in my life get me even more down. It is a downward spiral. In truth only I can do anything about it. 

Start small. Why don’t I (tomorrow) avoid sugary foods/snacks. Fairly easy to do surely. When I get home from work at 4:45pm why don’t I pop my new trainers on and go for a 10 minute walk round the block? 

Yes I feel motivated enough to do these things tomorrow (not right now cos it’s 12:30am in the morning!!!! 


Night night. Xx

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