New trainers

A little bit ouch. Put them on just before and did a walk round the block (20 mins or so). Hadn’t lacedthem up to the top so they were slipping a bit at the heel (ie my foot was slipping out of the trainer. Half way round I got backache (lower) and was tempted to ring Neil to come get me! But I didn’t, I carried on. I need to make sure my feet are as comfy and suported as possible. Money is the problem. Im not 100% sure how these trainers will fare on my feet. They were £18, reduced from £32. I did put the support insole in the trainers, tomorrow I’ll try without.  

Pic of part of the walk along a well lit road. 

Am sitting here bare feet with a nice cuppa tea. Reduced my basal insulin by 30% for 3 hrs. Trial and error. 

Sugar free? Almost. I had an orange club biscuit when I got in from work as I was hypo, other than that NO no other bad stuff. X

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