What diet

Not particularly following any diet plan. I am writing down everything I eat alongside blood sugars, insulin doses. Trying to spot a pattern in my blood sugars. The current pattern is high, not so high that I’m ill, just too high. So,  Now I have the task of altering my insulin doses, slowly untill my blood sugars get lower and stay stable. Not as easy as it sounds, in fact, bloody difficult. Another thing to keep an eye on is eating in moderation to avoid huge insulin dose requirements, eating 3 meals a day with healthy snacks if needed, also bloody difficult since am an emotional eater inclined towards binging.
Been feeling very down this last week (ok, no this last month, months, years). Difficult to shake off. I feel my.life sucks at the moment. Nothing to look forward to (e.g. a holiday away), no relief from debt, no happy times to enjoy, just same old stresses and worries that suck the life out of me. Bloody depressing.
Life is the same drudge day after day after day after day.
The solution? Sleep. I sleep a lot in the day. I don’t have the energy to try and change things. How the heck do I change things to make life better? Got no money, got a hubby who is severely depressed, unable to move much, unable to go out, suffers from Social anxiety. A son and daughter much the same. No one does anything, no one trys to change and I’m not even sure they want to anyway. So nothing changes. And this same old shit sucks the life out of me.
Can you tell I’m feeling down? It sucks.
It’s very difficult feeling like this, trying to eat properly, trying to cope with diabetes, trying to cope with asthma, trying to cope with this life.


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