Weighing in the morning

Yep, I went and got weighed this morning (Monday) rather than I the evening. What difference does it make? Well, half a pound loss. Nothing amazing. In fact, I’m sure if I’d gone in the evening I’d have gained.
But, onwards I go hoping to be super good this week coming so I can definitely weigh less next Monday.
Got some Gardner’s coming soon to blitz our back garden so I can sit in it on a summery day, close my eyes, listen to the birds and daydream.


Our garden last year, it’s a bit more overgrown now!!!
Only tomorrow and Wed morning in work this week. Loads to do in the house (can I run away somewhere temporarily?)
I am super good at putting stuff off!
Stuff I need to do
1. Clean kitchen (oh ok, whole house)
2. Tidy patio
3. Finish painting bedroom
Oh that’ll do for now surely?


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