Am in a right grumbling mood, feel like the worst PMT ever. Grrrrrrrr…………
Actually had an ok day I guess. Work was ok (don’t stress don’t stress). Ordered some new glasses (yep more £££££££ I haven’t got but after Neil ran over my current glasses (in the car), my old glasses are rubbish. Trouble is getting vari focal costs loads, bloody pain. Grrrrrrrr………
Foodwise, well, ok so far, not exactly to plan today but I have felt like punching someone (anyone), so a plain bread roll when I got in from work then a hummous, falafel ciabatta and a decaff latte is not bad going. Went to Ottos Lounge in Heswall with Jonathans, we deserved it.
Poor Neil is in great pain with his knee and may eventually need an operation. He’s currently on liquid morphine.


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