THE LIVEWELL 10 Week Programme

Ok, so jonathans and I wobbled along to St Caths Hospital community centre for our 1 st weigh-in and ‘meeting’.
Today’s session was about alcohol and eating out (we loomed at a typical pub menu). OMG the calories in the food, trillions. I rarely drink these days and jonathans just has a glass of something at New Year. A mixed group of people at the session, some funny people who take the edge off any boredom (do We really need to be told to avoid donuts?)
What I really want is tips on how to say no.
Me, I weighed in at a lovely 77.something kgs. Can’t they weigh you in old fashioned stones and lbs? Who can convert kilos?
Converted I’m about 12 st 1.5 lbs which doesn’t bode well for a weight loss on the scales tonight at Slimming World. There is no advantage really to 2 weight loss ‘groups’ on the same day, but Monday mornings is the only day both Jonathans and I could do on Livewell.
And at least the Livewell course is free of charge. Now I’ve got 2 groups to impress with my weight losing abilities!
Hehe I am the ‘smallest’ at the Livewell group though, not counting the ‘teacher’.I felt almost skinny there for a short time, well, until I sat down and rested my boobs on my belly (not a good thing in my opinion), you try holding in your stomach when you’re sitting down!!!!!
So here I am, 2pm in the afternoon waiting to drag Neil out to Heswall.


Skinnier me reminding me I can do it



Well, I’ve had my lunch of rye bread and lean ham, boring I know but all I wanted.


Bye for now!!!!!

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