Stayed the same weight at Slimming World.
Feeling motivated, ready for an SP week.
Current wishes
To get to a healthy weight
To go on a family holiday, me Neil j and r.
For j and r to be happy
To fix the house up (needs tons doing to it)
For Neil to get more books published (for his happiness)
To do some sort of craft course
To go on a relaxing retreat
To have a lovely garden
For R to be happy and free from anxiety and any suicidal thoughts, for her to love her life
For J to be happy with all he chooses to do
To own a pair of old fashioned block ballet dance shoes (weird I know!)
To always have good friends
Not much of a list is it!


3 thoughts on “Maintaining

  1. Love your blog, great to see you back and really good luck on those wishes. I read an excellent book on how to do just that, I’ll dig out the title and get back to you in case you fancy a read 🙂 xx

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