Been eating quite healthily today. Did have a hypo at 5pm and ate an oaty chocolate biscuit. Come to bed with no night time snacking. Hopefully no hypos later.


Jealous of my sister whos just booked a holiday to Tunisia. I’m the only one of all my sister’s (4 of us) who doesn’t get a holiday. Moan moan I know, but I feel like moaning and stamping my feet.


I am off to The Bluecoat in Liverpool on Saturday afternoon. With a friend, to learn about the history of the beautiful building, we get a tour of it, it used to be a school.
The Bluecoat


On a late in work tomorrow but hoping to finish 5 so I can pop to the pub in the village as seeing some friends there (they may have eaten by time I get there!!!!)
10:30pm time for some reading and maybe another cup of tea!!!!!!


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