Setbacks with sugar

DID I manage a sugar free Saturday? Not really. Skipped breakfast before work, worked till 12 midday. Popped out fir lunch with Neil (Coronation Chicken Sandwich with salad and some crisps along with a large skinny latte.)
Hmmmm not too bad. 2 Fab lolly ices today. Tea was cottage pie, homemade with 2 small slices Rye bread and butter. And 1 lemon mousse, diet.
Could have been worse.


Hoping to at least do a short walk tomorrow. Shame really that Neil can barely walk anywhere (severe pain in his legs, knees and back). He is very much aware that he needs to lose weight, this is not however the sole cause of his pains for which he takes a lot of medications for. Not being able to move a lot does hinder weight loss. I know how much pain he is in and he rarely goes on about it, I see the pain in his face every day.


1 thought on “Setbacks with sugar

  1. Please get your whole family on low carbs – you will all feel so much better. Also I have found wheat free to be beneficial in preventing migraines and knee pain

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