Day 2, avoiding sugar

Well, apart from needing to have a tube of glucose and 2 teaspoons of sugar for a hypo in the afternoon, I did well today avoiding sugary foods. It certainly helps not having the stuff in the house. We did call at the shop after work, but I did not even look at sweets, cakes, chocolate – ok I glanced!!!!


For breakfast I had wholemeal toast, soup for lunch and chickpea and chicken curry for tea. This isn’t too difficult at all, this avoiding sugary foods. Unfortunately I can’t do anything about hypos, I have to treat them with glucose/sugar quick acting then follow up with carbs.
Jonathans started his Zenical today, as prescribed by our GP. I’m sure he will do well, sometimes we need a helping hand even if it is tablets. I put a colour rinse on my hair tonight.


I’d like to continue to avoid sugary stuff.weighed myself this morning and was 12 st…….or 168 lbs, obviously far too much for a person who is not even 5 ft tall. Am tempted to hop on the scales each day, maybe I’ll just go on them when I feel like it (or remember). Off to bed early tonight to read, stops me from going in the kitchen for something to eat too!!!

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