Can I do the NO SUGAR?

Currently reading A Year Without Sugar, well, am just on the first chapter. Sugar is currently ‘the baddie’ as far as dieting and healthy diet is concerned. Much much worse than FAT.
Fat is now (the good sort), ok, good to eat.
I kind of agree with this. Sugar, of course for me (being type 1 Diabetic) is allowed but really, in moderation as with everything else. Must remind myself of that when stuffing my face with sugar and fat loaded yummy donuts.
I’ve been trying to get my blood sugars lower and in part succeeding, except for recently with a 5 day course of Prednisolone.
My heart has not been in sticking to the Slimming World Plan of late. Too much stress and anxiety on my ‘plate’. I’d love to go back to SW for the fab support and lovely people that go to my West Kirby Monday night class. Maybe I will, tomorrow night or next week?
Back to NO SUGAR.
Yes for a type 1 diabetic I do eat a fairly high sugar diet. I have no ‘stop’ button when eating cakes, sweets, donuts, desserts, donuts! I overload on white bread (hot buttery toast). If it’s in the kitchen, it’s nighttime and its yummy, I eat it. Yep, night time is my worst time for overeating.
I can’t sustain low carb, fat free, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and all that but maybe I could definitely cut down on sugar and even go sugar free, that would be a novelty for me as a diabetic!!!!
Inspired by the first few pages of A Year Of No Sugar by Eve Schaub I am tomorrow, yes tomorrow, going to avoid sugar.
Would’ve started today but it’s Mother’s Day and Jonathans took me out for breakfast (French toast with bacon and maple syrup and a scone with cream), then this evening Thu made sweet little rich chocolate cakes, very nice.
So, tomorrow is the start of a NO SUGAR week. DID you think I was going to go for a whole year??????
Let’s start slowly. One week, NO SUGAR (except for treating hypos). A small amount of sugar/glucose and carbs are needed for treating lo e blood sugars, I cannot get away from this.
Sugar’ s in everything, especially processed foods. So I’ll try to eat home cooked food. Sugar free made foods are full of chemical sweeteners unfortunately, so also best avoided I think. Fruit, I love fruit so that’s fine. I’ll definitely have to look very carefully at what I am about to eat.
Day One is tomorrow. Wish me luck.


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