Long time

S’been ages since I last posted. Where am I on the scales? 6 lbs down so far. It had got up to 12 lbs loss but I lost the plot!
On a mission to get better blood sugars, I would like to be considered for an insulin pump one day soon. Seeing the dietician next Friday and Consultant on the sane day.
Life’s been v stressful. R has taken another overdose and we are waiting for more help/and an assessment from Tier 4.
I have started going to counselling once a fortnight, something I so need.
Still going to Slimming World and enjoying it. Not getting very far with the weight loss but determined to keep trying



4 thoughts on “Long time

  1. hello Cathie its been a long time. This is Kathy from Ohio, US
    I’ve missed chatting with you but I lost your address and everything.
    Wright when ya can, Looking forward to hearing from ya


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