Wed19th August 2014

Neil and I popped out to nearest (our usual) town in the morning. We went to Thorntons Cafe, I had a bacon on toast (no butter) and a cup of tea, see AM being good and limiting the lattes. After that we came hone. I did eat a chocolate eclair cake!
About 1:30pm 2 of my friends came round (Jaki and Colette) and we went to to the village pub for lunch. I opted for a ploughmans salad which was a bit limp with plastic cheese and small bread roll. I did gave a scone and cream afterwards.
We then sat outside the pub in their patio area drinking diet coke then teas/coffees. Here’s a few photos from the afternoon.


Colette and Jaki after their meal!


Pretty flowers in the patio area of the pub.


Jaki and I squinting in the bright sunshine.


The pub outside seating area.


Leaving the pub.
It was a lovely afternoon. Colette called back for a coffee. I have managed to rebook one of the studio apartments at The Port Dinorwic Hotel than J and I stayed in a few weeks ago on my this time it’s going to be a girly night away, me Jaki and Colette. At least it means we only lost half the money instead of the full £254.
Something to look forward to in a few weeks.
Feeling a bit ‘angsty’, wish I didn’t get like this. No particular reason, I just feel anxious.  Maybe it will have gone by the morning? I hope.

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