Still my birthday!

What a day. We we’re meant to go away for the night, but we didn’t, still had to pay the £254 though. Poor R was quite very very upset about going, extremely so. Self harmed again.
We all managed to go out for tea which R was able to manage. I so wish I could help her more, and J. I am going to brave the scales at Slimming World. I have eaten loads today, not helped by being very hypo (blood sugar was 2) earlier. Am bloated (thanks to burger and fries and cherry pancakes with ice cream).
Actually dreading getting on the scales, but it is something I need to do otherwise I’ll let it all go to pot and gain loads and loads, not what I want to happen.


In the car earlier.


With my glasses on which actually I wear all the time, ok except for when I wear contact lenses.
Neil and I are planning on a little walk later, I need fresh air. Still feel very wound up, not easy to switch off unfortunately. Blood sugar is now high due to scrappy eating earlier and over doing for the hypo.
Ohhhhh please don’t let me have gained more than 2 or 3 lbs.

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