A gain

Went to Slimming World tonight, and earlier I did eat and drink loads, not alcohol I.might add as I no longer drink. Nope, Pepsi Max and coffee which followed the burger, fries and pancakes with hot cherries and ice cream. It’s still my birthday after all.


No more excuses. A 4 lb gain at Slimming World has scared the pants off me……
Not appreciated, but also have mega bloat from earlier food and drink. I mean, how bloated can a person get?
VERY I say. Hoping I deflate a little over the next few days.
Seriously, am feeling v motivated after tonight’s class. We had class Woman Of The Year competition, very inspiring. Those nominated were/are brilliant and I really hope to do as well as them. Tomorrow is a new day. Xxx

1 thought on “A gain

  1. Pleased to hear you have come out of it confidently. I’m right behind you. Keep up the good vibes and kick some butt – Literally. 🙂 Good luck for a good weigh in next week, you’ve got the great attitude to start the week x

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