Tue 15 July 2014

Got up early this morning, about 5:30am. Had a slice of toast for breakfast (b) (3 syns). A lovely cup of coffee. Had a shower, did my hair, bit of make-up on (always makes you feel better). This morning I am on admin in work and at about 10am have to go and see my DSN (Diabetes Specialist Nurse), I work in the hospital so don’t have to go far to see her. I want to chat about my doses, ratios and how it is so difficult to see any pattern in my blood sugars. I think my diabetes needs an overhaul. I mean, I’m eating better, hence the 12 lbs weight loss so far. I’m not eating too many carbs. I never ever miss an injection. Ok I don’t always get it right when calculating what insulin I need for the food item, and sometimes I over estimate and go hypo, occasionally I underestimate and have higher bg’s. But I don’t think I’m that bad at it?
Well it’s 7:45am, time to get ready for work!

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