Losing it Mon 14 July 14

Whoooooo hooooooooo, I lost 2 lbs this week, so chuffed. Went to Slimming World class, not many of us there tonight, but it is holidays time. Glad I went, really enjoyed it, it’s great for support and motivation.
Bit colder out today. In the afternoon we went to Heswall, R wanted to draw some £ out, she also wanted to go to the ice cream parlour again. I had one scoop of strawberry ice cream. Ohhhhh Neil had 2 scoops of Jaffa Cake ice cream, I had a taste, wow it was gorgeous.
Neil saw our GP earlier and has been put on a weight loss pill, Zenical I think, not sure since he can’t remember and we haven’t got it yet. So Dr L said Neil may be considered for bariatric surgery.
I have had awful pain in my right shoulder and arm. Horrid. Hope this isn’t leading to frozen shoulder again not so soon after the MUA op. It is possible unfortunately but am hoping not. Can’t stand the awful pain I keep getting.
Made a chickpea Dahl loaf for tomorrow. R and J are going to watch their usual RAW tonight.
Well, 12 lbs lost so far, aiming for another 3 lbs or more off by next week. I can do it.



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