Getting weighed

Went to Slimming World class earlier tonight Monday 7th July 2014. Am v pleased to say I had only a 1 lb gain. Class helped me to reset my focus and feel better about my 10 lbs loss so far.
I won the weekly raffle, a selection of veggies to roast with garlic and passata to make a tasty sauce. Tonight I roasted the veg and garlic ready for lunch tomorrow along with yummy Slimming World quiche (eggs and cottage cheese mixed and baked for a pastryless quiche).
I counted my syns for the day.
Well, back in work tomorrow. If I get up on time I’ll get dropped off slightly away from work and walk the last bit in. My back has been hurting a lot when walking so won’t attempt to walk the whole way, plus I have been suffering from intermittant claudication again and it makes it hard to walk lots, though walking is good for helping it.
I have shoulder physio in the morning.
I did sleep earlier today, not good for tonight’s sleeping. Plus its hot.
Time to read I think.


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