Eating v bad

I have been eating all sorts and anything on the basis of being v stressed. It’s like I don’t want to have to think about what I am eating it all, therefore I haven’t. I have not given any thought to the Slimming World Plan, or any healthy eating whatsoever.
Not good.
I know I have gained some weight as trousers are tighter.
I feel sluggish and bloated.
Should I give my Slimming World class a miss tomorrow night?
I will go. I will cringe about my weight gain but I will get motivated by the class consultant Julie and the rest of the class. I will not give up. I know I’m tired, I’m stressed, I’m weary and do feel down, but, am sure things will improve, I hope they improve.
Have started painting the kitchen white. Why? Because I want to. Today I went round to a lovely friends house (with 2 other friends), to do some cleaning. Good exercise! And great to switch off and chat to friends Sarah, Collete and Dave.


Planning on mowing the back garden tomorrow at some point. All exercise is good, now I just need to get the food back on track.


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