Another loss

Went to physio at 8am this morning. Went ok. The therapist is pressing my back in different places, quite firmly to help loosen and mobilise parts I cannot reach. It certainly does help my shoulders move better.
Went to Slimming World last night. Lost half a lb which is ‘mentally’ better than a gain.
Whoo hooooo 12 and 1/2 lbs gone.
My beautiful daughter R has been in hospital, she is home now. We are pushing with the help of our GP, to get her the help she needs.


Me, J and R about 7 yrs ago. J love them both so so.much.




Totally need to be on my eating plan 100% this week as I only have 1 and 1/2  lbs to lose to get my stone award (14 lbs).
I am off work this week which has worked out well, plus the weather has been nice. Popped round to my neighbours for coffee a few times (Lorna).
Not been testing my blood sugar as much (normal for me is 5-6 Times a day.). Only been testing 2-3 Times a day.

It’s 10pm, still light out. No plans as such for tomorrow. Was hoping to get R to the zoo with J and me but I don’t think she’ll go. Neil’s back is still really bad. Neil, I promise I’ll read/edit your book! I could get used to NOT being in work!!!!

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