Lost again

Whoo hoo. Went to Slimming World class, tentatively hopped on the scales, whoo hoo lost a lb making 12  lbs lost so far. I am so chuffed. Class was great as usual. I want my 1 stone award next week (14 lbs loss).
Had yummy breakfast out in the garden this morning. Apparently it’s going to be hot and sunny tomorrow, pity I am in work all day.
Made myself a chicken salad for lunch tomorrow and also made the 1/2 syn cake. Got plenty of strawberries too.



Roses in my garden

Ash on the table.

Me wearing naff glasses, need new ones.
I’d like to get up early in the morning and if the sun is out, have a coffee in the garden before I have to go to work.
It’s 1:45am, time to get to sleep

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