Feeling bit better

Still stressed but not as stressed. Had a lovely lunch out today with a friend (Elaine).I had a ham, cheese sandwich with homemade coleslaw. It was very relaxing, lovely and sunny out, a nice afternoon.
This morning J (my 23 yr old son) and I took R (my 16 yr old daughter), to her school for an English exam. J and I went to the local cafe for an hour or so then walked to shops then collected R THEN went back to cafe to get R and J lunch, I just had a cup of tea. It is so very rare that we get R out, that taking her to lunch (even when struggling with money) is a normal and nice thing to do. It’s lovely to see her smiling and chatting. She seemed quite positive about how her exam had gone.
I did fall asleep late afternoon. Got up Arghgh 10pm. Couldn’t be bothered eating so just had Muller light yogurt and cup of tea. I have my diabetic clinic in the morning. J is off to Uni for an exam and R has a science exam and is being picked up by the school.
Tomorrow evening I am going to a barbque arranged by work at a local cricket club. Fairly easy to follow Slimming World plan at a barbecue and I won’t be drinking as don’t drink alcohol these days.
I spray painted some garden furniture



The original colour was green


Shoulders have been aching today. Maybe I’m just getting old!?


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