R had her first GCSE English exam this morning. J and I walked round the park oh yeah and we did go to cafe. I had breakfast but barely ate any of it.
I had my physio in the afternoon. Went to a friend’s house 6:30pm for coffee, thank you Sarah, Dave and Jaki. And I said no to cakes (French fancies), my favourite.
Pika (one of our 2 cats) came in about 11pm and appears to have been bitten on his back near his tail. It looks v nasty and Pika did cry out in pain whilst trying to lick the wound. We are going to take him to the vets tomorrow.
Neil has been crippled last few days with back pain, very severe. He can barely move.
Feeling just a little bit stressed.

What have I eaten today?

1 sausage/1 egg/1bacon/slice wholemeal toast
Skinny latte
Sugar free jelly
Muller Yogurt
Bacon/tinned tomatoes
Packet Mccoys crisps (13.5 syns)
Skimmed milk tea/coffees

Not exactly a balanced diet but still


Pleased I did some walking today. Maybe tomorrow I can do some more?


Birkenhead Park.


It’s now 1:20am and I can’t get to sleep.

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