I don’t want to be a moaning minnie but……………
Arghgh. Pika had to go to vets, £90. Antibiotic and flea treatment. £90 we didn’t have as was overdrawn in bank first thing this morning. Absolutely no savings, few pennies in a jar. Father in law helped yet again. He is not an inexhaustible money supply, nor should he be even if he could. We not getting any benefits whatsoever as the DWP are doing nothing and good old ATOS said Neil’s fit to work.
Neil can barely move or walk at moment and is crippled with pain.
Our fridge freezers not working properly and too knackered to fix even if we could.
I got paid last Thursday and now we have no money. Am hoping everything’s been paid hopefully.
I start a new Sat morning job on Saturday, every other week, just for few hrs each ‘shift’.
We’re fecked and no way out.
Makes you wanna binge on chocolate.

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