Sleeping eating

Went out briefly with Neil this morning. Had a sandwich and coffee in Thorntons. Didn’t stay out too long cos I started to feel woozy. Slept later, totally knackered.
Had my shoulder manipulated under anaesthetic on Friday. Yet again once home I felt very sick for rest of the day, I guess from anaesthetic and various pain drugs injected into my hand after the op.
I have gentle exercises to do till physio on Monday afternoon.
Went for a little stroll round the small block tonight with Neil.
Haven’t eaten a lot this last 2 days, need to get back to eating healthily. Just haven’t felt terribly hungry though DID enjoy my Turkey, bacon and cranberry wholemeal sandwich with salad and a few crisps in Thorntons cafe this morning.
Think I’ll make a yummy Slimming World quiche tomorrow and some sugar free jelly.
Bought a dress today size 16 and it fits, whoo hoooo.


The dress


The arrow the Dr drew on my arm before my operation.


Me feeling a bit washed out.!

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