Ok day in work. I have been counting every syn, 27 in total I’ve had today. Yes it’s a lot I know
2 white toast
50g of puffed wheat with splash of skim milk.
3 mini lemon profiteroles (auto correct said it was 3 mini projectiles but I saw the mistake and corrected it.myself), tiny they were.
But I counted. ok so slightly guessedimated on the projectiles as could only find chocolate ones online not these Asda diddy lemon ones. Could easily have eaten the whole packet no problemo.
Puffed wheat’s almost gone, I inhaled it, it is so light. I only put the milk in to keep it in the bowl!
Still feeling very motivated despite my over synness today. The main thing is to always count those extras.
So far I have not had any BLT’S (bites, licks or tastes), and if I do I shall count them.
I had my healthy B choice this.morning (2weetabix), a healthy A has been my skim milk, though.must be honest and say I don’t count what goes into teas and coffees.
It’s easy to avoid butters and spreads. I’ve given up mayo (even lite versions) as I am a fiend with it and will eat it with everything except roast dinners!
Exercise today? Does working 8am till 5 pm count? Hmmmm………thought not. Also I got up at 4am ish this morning, unable to sleep.
Fruit and Muller yogurt for breakfast tomorrow, see I’m planning in advance.
10 pm, bit of boring relaxing tv then off to bed for beauty sleep (or maybe I’m beyond that?!)


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