Too much snacking

Am snacking too much, like I have no willpower. Daft thing it, I’m eating healthier foods, free foods. Lots of fruit and veggies. But dumb snacking is spoiling this.
Bought a box of gorgeous Belgium biscuits, reduced from £8 to £4. Meant for Neil’s dad. Of course I opened them, to try them. Like a mad woman! Ate about 8 of them.
OMG they were so lovely. I cannot buy them again or I’ll eat them all.
Been doing a fair bit of walking but the snacking/picking is going to stop me from losing weight. It’s been quite an emotional and stressful time, R was in hospital on a drip for 3 days, I was so worried about her and scared.
Getting weighed tomorrow. Hoping for a loss or maintain. Last Monday after weigh-in I was so determined to make this a good week with a good weight loss. Am struggling to not feel a failure.
It’s a ‘taster’ evening at Slimming World tomorrow night. So we all requested to make something low or no syn. Not quite sure what I’ll make yet, will look through some SW recipes tonight.


Photo at my heaviest, plus a few more.


No way I’m going to gain any more weight.
Just need to get control again of the snacking. Like I did in the first weeks when I joined Slimming World.

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