Doing ok

Feel OK. Bit down but OK. R is bit brighter today. Have persuaded J  to come for a walk with me later up to the village and back, about 2 miles in all.
Had half a donut just now, Neil ate the other half. Have had 15 syns today, so it’s free foods for me later. Need to stay on track.
Sitting here with a creamy coconut face mask on! Trying to relax.


Have sorted out today and tomorrow off work.
Neil dad popped round for coffee earlier which was nice. He tried one of the Slimming World desserts I made earlier.
Trifle sponge soaked in coffee, skinny cappuccino light Muller yogurt, quark and sprinkle of chocolate options. A tirimasu dessert 2.5 syns. Totally yummy.


Think I will make Turkey and cauliflower stir fry fir tea tonight. Mind you Neil and the kids won’t eat that but they will have the turkey with something else.
Here’s ASH relaxing!


Nice life being a cat!

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