Diet another day

Doing ok, though always in danger of going off plan, ok not always, just sometimes. It is so easy to get tempted!!
Food should be enjoyable and stress free. And most definitely guilt free.
Cravings are hard to handle, especially for chocolate, cakes, biscuits and other sweet things. Craving bread and butter with jam!!
Some photos from recently. Our 2 cats Pika (black) and Ash (grey).



Front room needs a second coat of duck egg blue paint, me painting!


Why is it no matter how ‘stuffed’ you feel, you always have room for dessert?


Me some yrs ago – I can lose weight again, I can



Just going to persuade Neil to walk round the small block with me now. Poor thing has got a very painful back and knee ( fluid). But gentle walking is good I say.

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