Lost another lb

Yes,I lost another lb, making 8 lbs lost so far. I was one very happy person on the scales at Slimming World class tonight!
It does keep you motivated  to want to keep losing, getting slimmer, healthier. My blood sugars have certainly been a little better.
Ah well back to work tomorrow. Didn’t go for a walk tonight, no one wanted to go. Neil’s foot was hurting him because he has crappy trainers. We both need new footwear when can afford it.
I was very good after class tonight and did not do my usual of having a mini binge of goodies. I had a healthy eve meal and a cup of Options Hot Chocolate later on.


My Slimming World weight loss so far. Ideally I’d like to be under 9 st, so I need to lose about 35 lbs. Easy yes?! If I just eat sensibly, stick to the plan, avoid crap processed foods and get moving more, that should most definitely help me. I so want to feel good about myself. Must do my measurements and start doing progress photos.


As you can see from the photo above, I  am not in a good shape.

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