Being Good

Can’t say I’ve been that good, but not that bad either!
Went out for lunch Tuesday with my son (23) J and after-in-law who’s 84. It’s lovely to get out with J, though he can talk your head off!!!! We went to a pub in the village that serves lovely food, 2 courses for £5:45. I had veg soup n roll (with butter) for starter and then quiche and chips and salad with coleslaw. It was so yummy!
Neil and I did go fir a 40 minute walk round another village, a really pretty village, later on.


Me on our walk.


Neil on our walk around.
This morning we went to few shops, called in Thornton s cafe, I had a coronation chicken sandwich with crisps and salad, not the best choice. Made a syn free quiche for tea.
Got 2 appoints tomorrow, shoulder Dr and physio. .


My beautiful girl.
Can’t believe it’s 3:47 am and I am still awake, so is Neil. I did have a long sleep in the afternoon till 10pm. Must stop doing this. I keep saying this. Can’t say I’m particularly tired though.

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