Whoo hoo I Lost

Yes, I lost. I stepped on the scales at Slimming World tonight and I have lost another 3 lbs making 7 lbs altogether in 3 weeks. I won slimmer of the week, winning a basket of fruit.

! Did come home and ermmmm……… Well today’s syns are 45. Gulp. Meant to be like up to 15 a day. So it means I have to be super good the rest of the week.
What did I eat?
4 peanut hi fi bars
10 Ritz crackers, those little ones, pesky things.
Some crusty bread n butter this morning.
On the other hand I did have a super healthy turkey stew for evening meal tonight. Got some healthy food in from Sainsburys. The only other thing I have to watch this week is inactivity as when I’m in work I do quite a bit of walking too and fro. So being off till next Tuesday, not good if I sit on my butt all week.
I so want to get under 11 stone, being only 4 ft 11 in height means really I need to be under 9 stone. Wouldn’t mind being a few inches taller!!!!!


This is the only time in my life I’ve been taller than my 3 sister’s! (Me on the far right)


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