Easter Monday


Neil did the grass yesterday, I raked up some grass just now. Pika is having a good time in the sunshine!


Am not eating now until after I get weighed at 6:30pm. It’s now 1:30pm. Daft I know, but makes me feel better! I am really hoping I have not gained this week. All I want is to lose a pound each week on the way to a healthier, slimmer me.
I go to see the ‘shoulder’ Consultant on Thursday, hoping to get listed to get my left shoulder op done.


Got a pair of jeans from my friend Jaki’ s mum. They are a size 16 and fit nicely but are a bit too long. I never get jeans to fit me properly as a rule. Feel good in these ones though.
Going to do a bit more painting in the hall later, honest!

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