The Scales


20140405-042948 pm.jpg</a
actually I am totally avoiding the scales. I want to see how I have done on Monday evening at my 2nd weigh-in.
I did feel like going out this morning snd buying goodies: ie: donuts! Cakes, muffins etc-but I didn’t.
Certain times are ‘danger’ times
1: When I’m bored
2: When I’m stressed/angry
3: When I see food on telly
4: When I see/smell food!
And all the times inbetween!!!!!!!!!
Rhi wants to make chocolatey cupcakes later, am going to make a ‘syn’ free pancake for me and enjoy that.
Whooooo hooooooo Neil got weighed this mirning and has lost 4 lbs. he says it’s because I’m eating less so he’s less tempted. How brill is that.

. >

20140405-043818 pm.jpg

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