Food food food

It’s not often these days that we manage to get R out. She suffers from severe depression (is on Sertraline), and has home schooling. We did manage to get her out for the day last summer, she does go occasionally to her lessons (she has 3 a week) in our local library. J was diagnosed with adult (he’s almost 23) ADHD and depression.
We all want to lose weight. We do have a very little used treadmill in the house. Neil (hubby) cannot walk far, he has degenerative back disease, angina, osteoarthritis and severe social anxiety and depression on a shed load of meds.
I kinda hold myself together just about, I work 4 days a week. Me, well I’ve got rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes type 1 and asthma oh and I’m on citalopram, yippee for that. Other than that am fit as a fiddle!
So it’s hard to get us all motivated at the same time. One thing we all agree on is that we need to eat healthier and exercise.


We all went out for lunch today, one of the rare occasions we got R out. Of course we didn’t eat healthily, but R did refuse dessert, the rest if us didn’t.
Small steps as often as we can is best I say. It’s not easy. It’s not as easy as just saying “just eat less”.

2 thoughts on “Food food food

  1. You,re not alone with these struggles Cathy.
    My Little Girl has missed year 11. Bullying / Glandular Fever / CFS / severe anxiety.
    She is waiting for CBT Therapy, I have been working so hard with her to get her out of the house and well again. etc, etc.


    • Awww Janey hugs for you both. It’s so difficult. I’d give anything to make things better. R wouldn’t try CBT. We’re trying to find a good therapist for her. You are a wonderful mother. Xxxxxxxx


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