Here we are again

Been reading a lot of diet type ‘stories’ lately, hoping to get myself motivated. It’s not really working. Had my shoulder done last week (manipulation under anaesthetic).spent the morning in hospital. Been off work for the week. Had physio the other day. Been sleeping a lot. At least when I sleep I don’t eat.
Weighed in at 11 st 3 lbs yesterday. Same old number. Keep thinking about going on the treadmill, feel too tired, down in the dumps, Fed up.
It makes it even harder to eat healthily, look after yourself etc when you feel down.
I know exercise will make me feel better, but I’m stuck in this grey hole at the moment. Perhaps going back to work will help me feel better? Routine.


Got a ‘hen’ night to go to (lovely friend Iris) at the end of the month. Would’ve been nice, for me, to have lost at least 10 lbs by then. Silly me. A few wedding do’ s coming up too. Can I lose weight for those? Would losing weight make my life that much happier? A little. I want to feel good about myself, can’t remember the last time I did?
Ate too much in evening despite making a healthy evening meal. Come to bed feeling sick.

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