Lovely Saturday

had a really nuce Saturday. My friend Elaine who is off work after a foot operation sent me a txt inviting me round fir a coffee this morning. Neil ran me round in the car. Had a lovely few hours chatting.
In the afternoon I went to the village Attic Sale and got a few bits. Ta to Kate fir ringing me and running me home.
Then Neil and I cleaned and tidied and moved furniture in front room and it’s looking v cosy now. I have got my eye on some wallpaper for the alcoves.
Been pretty good on my food today. Listening to music now with Neil.
Some pics from today

20131109-085005 pm.jpg
Here’s a bag I got for £2 from the attic sale.

20131109-085128 pm.jpg
Here’s the alcoves in front room

20131109-085216 pm.jpg
Here’s the wallpaper I want

20131109-085248 pm.jpg

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