Blah day with rain

Ok I might have been eating crappily..lacking motivation at moment, lacking will-power.
On a plus note, at lunchtimes in work I have been going for a walk round the hospital grounds each day.
Went to Liscard in the afternoon with Neil. Coffee with Lorna next door also. Tidying up in afternoon.
Want us all to go for a walk round Thornton Hough tomorrow, it’s a really pretty village, plus we all need the exercise!!


Why do I just keep snacking and picking? I snack and pick not because I’m hungry, just because and if I’m bored,stressed,Fed up,angry,tired,stressed,upset,anxious,stressed.
Most of the time then.
It’s easy to list all the negative things in my life and the things I am finding stressful. It’s hard to think of positive things. It’s hard to shake off the anger. Hard to shake off the grey. Seems to be so many things I don’t like about/in my life at the moment.

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