Pre-Halloween nibbles

Had a lovely half day, finished work at 12:30pm and went to West Kirby with Neil. Popped in our fave cafe (Lattitude), where I had
Bacon, cream cheese and chilli jam sandwich
Chips and salad
Skinny latte

Was very tasty. Whizzed round shops, went home then straight to St Caths hospital with R and J for R’ s first weight management session. These are weekly, one to one sessions for her. After J had his weight management session his is a group one (2hrs long), R and I waited in the car. J stayed same this week his 2nd week.

Then J dropped me off at a friend’s where I met up with 4 others, we had a coffee evening with a few nibbles.
Here we are at our night before Halloween coffee evening. I am the nun!!


Tried on 2 dresses last night that I look so FAT in, horrid




Very yuck, these were taken last night.

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