Losing it

Went to my weight management session full of angst over what I have eaten all week, full of how I haven’t stuck to any eating plan. Felt very very down this last few weeks. Everything’s getting to me, most of the time. The usual stuff.


Love this pic of me and J and R in France 10 yrs ago.

Anyway – I have lost, don’t ask me how, 2  lbs this week. Feel fairly motivated for the week ahead.
Slept a lot today as I normally do when I feel down. Did pop to Heswall with Neil and did enjoy a skinny latte in Thornton s cafe.
J and R came with me to Hoylake while I went to the weight management class.


Gutted that I ordered 3 gorgeous dresses from eBay and not one of them fits me, all size 20. Was meant to be a dress for my ‘photo shoot’ birthday present to be done on 16th November. Got nothing to wear for it now, no way am I buying size 22’s.

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