Friday Feeling

Looooong day in work. Not been terribly good on diet plan. Bored with it already. Well, not bored, just can’t be bothered with a bit of boredom.


Exercise? Nope. But tomorrow I will walk to Heswall and back. Got a colour for my hair, it is now blonder but may be slightly ginger in the daylight! (We shall see in the morning).


Felt like crying today cos caught sight of myself in a window, OMG I am sooooooo FAT, it’s horrid. I really can’t bear to look at the ‘whole’ of me. How unattractive is my weight, very. You can’t really tell from head photos but see me full length, a different t story. It’s getting me down so much.
I have this desperation to lose like 40 lbs. I can’t bear being the weight I am. All day every day I think about how FAT I am.


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