Reading ‘diet’ books

Am currently reading I’m not overweight, I’m under tall by Hollie Humphrey.
Have been looking on my Kindle at weight, diet and food related books to help motivate myself.
Today, well yesterday really – 12th October Saturday, well I cleaned kitchen in morning. Caught bus to Heswall at 1:30pm, browsed round the shops then walked home, which is about a 2 1/2 mile walk. Felt very pleased with myself!


DID eat a takeaway tonight, but it was R’ s birthday, she was 16 on Saturday. My beautiful daughter.


We did indulge in some gorgeous birthday cup cakes that my sister made for R’ s birthday! Very yummy.
Fell asleep on couch early evening.
It’s 1am Sunday morning 13th October, and today is Neil and my 23rd wedding anniversary! Neil’s busy snoring away here next to me!


Me when I first met Neil, while I was at ET Delyn doing a Admin Course, Neil was the computer tutor.


Our very first photo together, taken at Neil’s mum n dad’s.
Neil asked me to marry him after only one week of us going out together!!!!


At the car park of The Royal Oak pub in Holywell on one of our first few dates!


Rare pic of Neil and me taken by J (our son who’s 22).


Me when I first started at ET Delyn admin course, February 1990.
Should try and get to sleep now!

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