Lazy day

Had a bit of a lazy day really. DID not get up till 10am. DID some housework. Fun. Then pretty much just watched tv, read and did nothing.
DID go for stroll to post box with Neil, see photo


Made a weekly chart to tick off each day
1. No chocolate
2. Use treadmill
3. Avoid unhealthy snacks
4. Eat breakfast

Made Neil a similar chart for next week too. It’s a bit of motivation, encouragement.
I’m not very happy to see that I am the same weight I was over 10 years ago when I used to do my online web site Cathys Weight loss Diary (which is now only available on Amazon)



Photo of me and my sister round about 1996, at my heaviest.


A rare pic of Neil and me yrs ago.


Again, me at my heaviest. Yuuuuugh.


Skinnier me about 2004.

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