Take away the takeaway

Chinese fried beef with cashew nuts in yellow bean sauce with boiled rice (J paid!).
In my defence, I’d had a long day working 8:30am (hour for lunch) till 4:30pm. Home then out to work 5:30pm till 8:30pm. Looooong day.
Still feeling puffed out when walking and weirdly, when talking too much?????


Am totally managing to avoid chocolate, 1st day today!!!! Whoo hoodoo. It is easy to eat something and not realise you’re doing it so I must watch out for this.!
Jaki picked us up from work and called in for a cuppa which was nice. Too tired to watch tv tonight. Mind you, only just come up to bed and OMG it’s almost 1am already.


Pressed the snooze button on the alarm too many times this morning and ended up at the bus stop with soaking wet hair (having had a shower at home) and no time to use the hair dryer.
Getting weighed by Karen the nurse in the morning. She’s nit gonna be happy, no weight loss this week I’m pretty sure?
Time to read/sleep.


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