Half day in work. Walked to cafe for lunch as car got a flat tyre. Naughtily had ham baguette and ‘shush’ chips.


Think I need to cut the coffee out as getting palpitations again. Need to drink only decaffeinated.


Got a message in the evening from Colette (diet/walking buddy! Ie slave driver) for me to go for walk around the marine lake. AND it was misty/raining.
Plus, could I be bothered getting changed out of my nightie? Nope. So, leggings, nightie, trainers. Coat.


Totally enjoyed the walk around the Lake, which was a bit spooky in the misty rain and darkening sky. Plus someone rode their horse and trap onto the sand, very ghostly.
Am not eating this evening as am supposed to be getting my bloods done in the morning, which includes fasting bloods.
Could I get used to NOT eating/snacking in the evening? I would hope so. Would certainly help me lose weight.


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