Stop me eating

OMG how much am I scoffing lately? Way too much. It’s like I don’t have a ‘full up’ alert. Most annoying.
My denim skirt is getting tight. Weirdly the scales register the same weight as last few weeks. I am worried that I will wake up in the morning 2 sizes bigger.
Had my hair done today, on a whim. Was very nice to go to hairdressers, but do they have to have Quite So Many mirrors?


New hair cut/colour

Didn’t do any exercise today. Oh, went to dentist. She said I have an infection and gave me strong 3 day antibiotics, then I have to go back for another different course of antibiotics. No wonder my mouth has been painful. Would like to say it’s stopped me eating so much, but oh no not a chance.


Felt in a mood earlier, well first thing this morning as I have buggar all in my wardrobe that is nice or fits me. Tired of black, horrid colour. I like pretty things. Going to burn my leggings when I lose weight and never ever wear such things again.


I love pretty dresses.


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