As you can sort of see from the photo above, I am standing next to our motorised treadmill that conveniently folds up easily. Brilliant it is.
Feel v bad that I do not use it, well, rarely ever, for like 10 minutes at a time, a few times in last several weeks, ok months.
Went to dentist who said “your gum is not healing properly”. Am I surprised? Errrrr….. nope. Think that’s why am in so much pain.
She cleaned it out, very swiftly/quickly packed it with stuff and sent me on my way with a antibiotics.
So hoping the pain goes away and it heals so I can put my dentures (ie false teeth) back in.
Can’t believe I am
1 : FAT
2 : frumpy
3 : toothless and
4 : age 50 on Sunday.


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