Still on the soups! ?


Ahhh the relief when the painkillers kick-in. Seeing dentist tomorrow.
Been doing salt water mouth rinsed which is yucky for me as I can’t stand salt. I never ever use it in cooking, never have.
Had chicken roll for lunch, soft roll. Soggy cornflakes for tea and a ham sandwich in evening, not exactly a balanced diet.
Got a sparkly dress from eBay, felt quite lovely in it. The photo’s though………….oh my goodness, how to look short round FAT and flabby in one go.
Years ago, ok a decade ago. I was at my heaviest of 12 stone. Felt enormous. Felt awful.
I am only 11 lbs below my heaviest ever weight now. Weirdly I don’t feel as big as back then but I certainly look it.
It wasn’t until I got nearer 10 st that I started to feel better.



I am determined to get healthier, fitter and slimmer again.


As in the 3 photos above, all taken round 2003/4.

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